alıyazıcıoglU yenı

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Musicscape is a collection of paintings/drawings that feature vintage sheet music for overlaying images.  Each music piece is an individual story written by its composer.  I used music in its audio form as an emotional landscape or ‘Musicscape’ and used it in its notational form as a symbolic surface. The images were evoked from the ‘sound’ of these pieces of music being played. I share with the audience how the music personally affected me via a visual interpretation.  In that stage, I let the music orchestrate my brushes to recreate the artistic sheet music to represent what I felt throughout that music. The final result can be presented to the audience as an intersemiotic piece of work – a union of musical notation marks and symbols, audio input, and images. I invite my audience to not just attend my exhibition, but rather to allow me to reveal to them the ‘musicscape’ through which I have travelled.

Just as our life events are spontaneous, it was by happenstance that these music sheets were presented to me in a moment, and were not sought out in project plan form.