alıyazıcıoglU yenı


I believe everybody has an individual story which is written spontaneously. Sometimes we can be a hero; or a protagonist; then just a witness, a walking lady or gentleman, in another. So to me every story is something unique and precious to think over. As an artist, I try to touch these stories and paint with these questions in mind: ‘who are we?’ or ‘who were we?’  Thus, I do not distinguish between people nor their gender, ages, religion, nationality or skin colour. I like to paint of mankind with the emotions and moral values that make our lives meaningful.


In these paints, the background is life but you cannot see any shape or place, you can just imagine where it could be! There’s no time, there’s no date, there’s no place. A witnessed situation is caught in a moment in eternity. There is no periodic attribution; it can’t be known whether it came from primitive emotions or modern ages. The reason of existence is formed within the pictures themselves and presents a sensational aesthetic.


Or maybe we are just a vision on the land...