alıyazıcıoglU yenı


The inspiration for my works stems from my belief that everybody has an individual story, which is written spontaneously. Just like characters in the theatre, we play various roles in our “scriptless” lives. Sometimes we are the protagonists, sometimes we are the supporting cast, and other times, we are just the passerby. So, to me, everyone’s story is unique and precious. As an artist, I try to touch these stories and paint with these questions in mind – ‘Who are we?’, ‘Who were we?’, and ‘Who will we be?’.

The characters in my works do not possess any particular gender, age, religion, nationality, skin color and are not flawless. Instead, my characters are illustrations of mankind’s attributes, the ones that make our lives meaningful. They are representatives of our universal moral values. It is the presence or absence of these moral values in our lives that provoke the extensive palette of human emotion. I invite the audience to approach my works with an openness that allows them to engage in a self-directed journey. My aim is to increase awareness of our own situations in life, relate them back to common global goals, so we can make changes to improve the existences for all.

The background in my works is ‘life’.  There isn’t any particular location or scene; this is left open to audience’s own individual interpretation. There’s no time and no place. It is just a personal experience or a witnessed situation caught in a moment in eternity. There is no periodic attribution; it can’t be known whether it came from primitive emotions or modern ages. The reason for existence is formed within the pictures themselves and presents a sensational aesthetic.

Consequently, each work I make represents a discovery, one revealing step after another along the way. Each piece of work also represents a moment of reflection. They help locate me on my journey and provide suggestions for direction. As I follow them step-by-step, they serve to continually simplify my journey, not simplifying in the sense of less and less but providing me with more clarity and meaning to the essence of life.